Professional Work you need for your business

Get the visuals you need to stand out from the competition and dominate the marketplace.

Graphic Design

Perception is reality and one way you can control that is to get awesome graphics that add value to your company. Don't let a customer walk away cause your flyer looks cheap. Get it done by us.

In terms of visual content marketing, 32% of digital marketers claim visual images are the most important type of content. Blogging comes second at 27%, followed by videos (24%), live video (9%), and podcasting (1%).

92.6% of consumers say that color dimension is the key factor affecting their purchase decision.

73% of businesses invest in design to help their brand stand out against the competition.

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Apparel designs
  • Brochures
  • Illustration
  • Letterheads
  • Motion promo
  • Banners
  • E-mail signatures
  • Billboards

Logos are the most recognizable brand identifiers at 75%, followed by visual style (60%), brand color (45%), and unique voice (25%)

60% of consumers avoid brands that have odd, unattractive, or unappealing logos, regardless if they received good reviews.

People will retain 65% of the information they learn three days after seeing it when paired with an image.

  • Text/Letterform Logo
  • Mascots
  • Illustration Logo
  • Symbol Logo
  • Emblem
  • Combination Mark
  • Watermark
  • Logo Correction/Updates
Logo Design

A logo for your business is one of the best investments you can make. We make logos that can connect your business to your customer for a lifetime.

Web Design

A website is becoming the new brick-and-mortar for businesses. We can make a website that not only looks good, but works good as well.

94% of consumers will leave a website with poor graphic design.

89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience

More than 46% of website visitors relate the website design to the credibility of the brand/company.

  • UX Design
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • SEO Optimization
  • JavaScript
  • Website Maintenance
  • Hosting Services
  • Domain Name
  • Domain Transfers

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

 90% of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels.

48% of consumers say their first purchase or interaction is the best time to earn their loyalty.

  • Social Media branding
  • YouTube Design
  • Brand Strategies
  • Re-Branding
  • Brand Guidelines development

Branding your business is key to retaining customer loyalty. Let Digital Ape Creative help you develop a strategy that will cut through the market noise to your targeted customer.